High Notes Festival

High Notes is a festival that take places every year (since 2010) in July in the Apuane Alps in Tuscany

It combines artists and genres and blends passion for arts and nature. More than 50 musicians took part at the Festival which is hosted by the Rifugio Orto di Donna

The artistic direction is by Naomi Berrill

Lady Lighthouse (video)

Lady Lighthouse is an original song from my second album ‘To the Sky’ which has been released in november 2017

The location is Lake Corrib near Ballycurrin House and its wonderful unique inland lighhouse.

Video by Bulabosca Film



HandMadeMusic #13 Northern Shorelines (Bonus Track)

HandMadeMusic is a video story, each song is performed in a craftsmanship laboratory in Florence in order to blend music and crafts. This is an extra for introducing the full documentary which will be released soon This is an original song for voice and guitar. The location is Moleria Locchi in the heart of SanFrediano in Florence where the engrave glass with antique techniques The video is made by Stefano Casati and the visual design is by Ghada Wali. Audio is recorded by Jacopo Andreini